Ebenz Ion e-bike

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Super Simple Belt Driven Electric Bike

If you are looking for super simple commuter e-bike then the Ion could be the model for you. 

The design is young and urban, and has an eye-catchingly fresh design, which has won awards for style around the world, including Gold Award at the largest bike show in the world (Taipei Bike Expo) for innovation and design.

We think this would be great for apartment dwellers. 

Rather than the usual user interface (a screen mounted on the bars showing everything you want to know), it has standard factory settings that suit most people, and can be controlled via a mobile app.  

Every Ion e-bike features a patented VeloUp!™ Smart Drive System, which can identify road conditions, automatically judging riding intentions and output different assisting power to ensure ease of mobility.

This is also one of the lightest e-bikes we've seen at only 14kg.

Every Ion ebike  is equipped with Panasonic’s world class power lithium battery and battery management system, which offers efficiency, stable power output and long battery range. 

Product Spec for the Ebenz Ion E-Bike

Motor  250 watt Brushless
Battery  36 volt Lithium (5.8Ah)
Drive System VeloUP!™ Smart Drive
Frame Aluminium
Wheels 20" 
Max Distance 70km depending on conditions
Max Speed 25 kmp/h
Weight 14kg
Colour Light Blue