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Improved Easy Entry Electric Trike

Electric Trikes are a great confidence booster for riders who are balance-challenged or just require the stability of riding with three wheels. 

They are also especially useful if you commonly carry a heavy load on your e-bike and would like to park up without the bike tipping over. 

Wattwheels have updated their e-trike in 2019 with the following improvements:

Lower Step Frame

The frame has been re-designed to lower the step-through for easier entry, this makes getting on and off easier for riders who can't lift their foot very high off the ground. Wattwheels now has one of the lowest step through e-trikes on the NZ market.

Easier Gear Changing 

The gears are within a Nexus internal hub on the rear wheel, so the chain is secure and cannot fall off. Gear changes are smoother and can be done while you are stationary, so you can start off in an easier gear.

Convenient Battery Placement

The battery is located under the rear basket where it can be charged in place, or you can slide it out. Now there is also a second mount for two batteries to be installed if you plan to do some larger km's or just like using the throttle a lot!

Adjust your power with the throttle 

The Wattwheels e-trike has a thumb throttle on the left side if you want to boost your power or get tired of pedalling. The throttle's use is optional as the electric motor will still provide assistance when you pedal. Of course like all ebikes, you can turn the power off and still ride it like a normal pedal trike. 

Your top range is up to 80 km on a single battery charge depending on your power level used, hilly or flat terrain, and the weight being carried on the e-trike. There is a programmable display to restrict speed or power if needed.

The Wattwheels e-trike has waterproof cabling and also a reverse gear. 

Note: The Wattwheels e-Trike is available to buy online but must be collected from our Hawke's Bay Bike Shop. We have been unable to find a reasonably priced carrier in NZ for a fully built e-Trike. If you think you can arrange shipping through a NZ carrier please give us a call on 06 877 8477. 


Wattwheels Low Step E-Trike Spec

MOTOR  36V 250 Watt Front Hub
BATTERY 36V14Ah Samsung Li-Ion
FRAME Alloy 6061 16 inch Low Step
SPEED Up to 25 kph
RANGE 35 km Throttle only, 45-80+ km Pedal Assist
BRAKES Tektro Mech Disk , Rear Drum 160mm Rotors
GEARS Shimano Nexus Internal 7 Speed
DISPLAY King Meter Nokee Large LCD
FRONT FORK Alloy Rigid
TYRES Kenda 24*2.125
CHARGER Sans 36V2.0Ah Smart Charger
SEAT Velo Extra Wide
SEAT POST 27.2 * 350mm  Alloy
HUBS  Novatec with sealed bearing
THROTTLE Thumb Left hand
NET WEIGHT 35.5kg (includes battery 4kg)
WARRANTY 5 years frame, 2 years motor / battery / display and 12 months rest.