Ebenz e-Trike

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The Ebenz Trike is an electric tricycle for adults. This is a popular option for our customer who suffer from balance problems. The bike comes complete with front and rear baskets. It has a low centre of gravity and a low step through, so it is easy to mount and dismount. 

What is quite useful with this e-trike model is a Tilt Function! This is the ability to adjust the centre rotation so that the front part of the bicycle can be leaned to the left or right while cornering or riding across a slope, and the back wheels remain flat on the ground behind you. For those of us who are used to riding on two wheels this feels more natural. This adjustment is manual, you set it with a lever before you start riding. 

With multiple gears this is a fun and easy 3 wheeled e-bike that will suit many people.

Because of the complexities of transporting e-trikes within NZ we are no longer able to ship them outside of Hawke's Bay. For our local customers we can usually arrange a delivery if you are unable to ride it straight from our store.