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Strong fast workhorse: electric cargo bike with throttle

Electric cargo bike? Awesome! We've loved cargo bikes ever since our kids were small and we figured out we could carry two kids on the back of one (and that was with no motor).

Cargo bike as a car replacement with two children on the back and mum ready to ride.

The Juiced 350 e-bike is commercial grade cargo bike that might be the thing you need for delivering pizza, lugging your lunch around, or taking your pet pig for a ride. 

It gives an upright position and it's low to the ground thanks to it's smaller 20" wheel diameter, which is a great feeling when you're carrying a heavy load. Like your kids, or 10 bags from New World. It is a realistic car alternative.

It's one of the only e-bikes in our range to have a front hub motor - which gives it an advantage when climbing or hauling. It's a grunty motor (300W). This is an upgrade from the standard 350 model and has Tektro hydraulic disk brakes to provide the stopping power you need under a heavy load.

Like all good cargo bikes it has an oversized rear rack, which is welded directly onto the frame for strength. It can take a load of 150kg. Seriously. The rack is compatible with load of extras; child seats, cargo baskets, platform seats, flower baskets... but it's still within the length of a regular bike.

The bike has good range as long as you're pedalling a bit, but if you don't feel like pedaling, don't panic, this is one of the only e-bikes in our shop where pedal assist does not apply. Just cruise around on the throttle like it's a little moped. 

You'll want to note this e-bike doesn't have any suspension, and the battery isn't easy to remove for charging or reducing weight. Fine if you have a handy powerpoint in your garage, not so great if you have to wheel it into the kitchen to charge it up.

The Juiced 350 is a single speed. Yep just the one. It does come with mudguards for those pesky puddles so you stay clean and dry. The user interface is a pretty basic LED console with limited readouts. 

Hilton's review of the Juiced ODK U350 utility cargo e-bike 

E-Bike review: Juiced U350 electric utility cargo bike with 20" wheels and hydraulic disk brakesThis little bike is a blast, it's fast, zippy, strong, and so much fun to burn up the hills on. It's also at a great price - $100 off the regular retail price!



Product Spec for the Juiced ODK U350 utility cargo e-bike

Battery Industry-leading 48 V / 15.6 Ah (749Wh) Samsung lithium battery pack
Power 300 Watts of power, maximum speed 32kmh
Brakes Tektro hydraulic disk brakes
Throttle Twist throttle with cruise control function
Rack Integrated utility rack 150kg total loading capacity
Gear Single speed, high gearing: front 52T and rear 16T for pedaling at higher speed
Front carrying Frame-welded front accessory mount
Frame Light-weight and rust-free low step through aluminum frame with multiple pannier and accessory mounting options and all thread-locked Allen screws
Tyres 2x thick Inner-tube and K-924 E-Bike Spec Tires
Wheels Sturdy 20-inch BMX-style wheels with heavy gauge spokes
Pedals Aluminum platform pedals
Stand Dual Kickstand bridge plates
Lights Rear LED lights
Handlebars Custom "Moto-styled" handle bars
Charger 3 Amp HP charger with fan cooling
Warranty 2-Year Warranty