Cruzee Kids 12" Balance Bike

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New Shipment of Cruzee Bikes due January 2021

An awesome light balance bike for riders as young as 2 years, up to around 5 years. The saddle height is adjustable (without tools) so your child can stay with the same bike until they are ready to graduate to the next wheel size (18" BYK).

This balance bike has heaps going for it, one of the best points is it's super light weight but also strong enough to take the knocks that kids dish out. 

The tires are puncture proofed - not solid rubber like old-skool bikes - not inflatable and prone to punctures - they are made from a composite (more like a solid foam) that gives a nice amount of bounce and a smoother ride. 

Balance bikes are the ideal first bike for kids. They teach the child to balance and you will be amazed at how quickly they will be coasting down the slopes with their feet off the ground! They give children a huge confidence boost in their own abilities which is ideal when they're born into a biking family.

Available pre-assembled or in an easy-to-wrap box.

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