Electric Bike Info Seminars


Learn more about e-bikes at our next info sessions

At Revolution Bikes, 5 Donnelly St, Havelock North.
" Everyone interested in buying an e-bike should attend. I got mine last December and it has been the best investment ever." - C. Hurford, Revolution Bikes customer


Are you curious and want to learn more about Electric Bikes?

Electric bikes make all sorts of things possible. Hills disappear. Miles disappear. Grown-up behavior disappears! Fun and long rides with friends and a permanent tail wind are now yours for the taking. 

Every week we meet new people who tell us the same thing, along the lines of: “I tried out my brother’s electric bike and couldn’t believe how easy it was, soooo...”

At these info sessions we get down to the business of how to find the best electric bike for you. We'll show you around the different styles and point out what you need to know, whether you want an electric mountain bike or a electric pathway, rail trail or urban commuter bike. 

It's not a high pressure sales seminar, just an opportunity to ask a lot of questions. But if you want to buy something at the time that's cool too.

So please join Hilton and the team at Revolution Bikes for the next electric bike info sessions. 

Learn more about E-Bikes. Bring a friend, all ages and abilities are welcome.

Electric Bikes for rail trail and pathway rides | Revolution Bikes NZ

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