Electric Bike FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About E-Bikes

Below are some of the questions we are asked most often by customers and people who have come to an E-Bike Info Session.

How do I choose en e-bike?

Consider where you want to ride so you can pick the right style of bike. Limestone pathway, rail trail or electric mountain bike tracks? Maybe all three? These all require different bikes, but some types of bike are more versatile and will take you anywhere you want to go. We can guide you to the right models as long as you have a clear idea of where you want to ride.

Some things to consider (other than colour!):

  • If you will ride on rough or loose terrain then look for fatter tires for stability. If you'll be on the road then skinnier tires will be faster and easier. 
  • Again, if you're going over the rough stuff then you'll appreciate the blows being softened by front fork suspension, and a suspension seatpost will keep you comfortable on a leisure bike (mountain bikers go for a full suspension bike when you're in it for the descents)
  • Wheel size - the larger the wheel the faster and easier it'll roll. Our personal preference is for 27.5 wheels, but if you feel safer when lower to the ground then a 26" wheel is better for you.
  • Then consider how far you want to go. The further your trips, the bigger the battery you’ll need. Some bikes have an option to upgrade the battery size which you can do at time of purchase or later on if you feel the need.

Do you need to pedal on an e-bike?

Yes, almost all our bikes are ‘Pedal Assist’ which amplifies your own effort. So you will still be exercising. You can adjust the power level while you’re riding, which is great for going uphill.

Many of our bikes also have a 6 kph Walk Mode which you can use to help you when you push the bike along next to you while you're walking. 

How many km’s will an e-bike go?

This depends on the battery size, the power level you’re using and the terrain you’re riding. On a low power setting on easy trails expect 60 to 80 kms depending on the battery. Some up-sized batteries will take you well over 100 kms.

How fast do e-bikes go?

Depending on the country of origin the top speed is 25 kph or 32 kph, after which the motor cuts out and if you want to go even faster you’ll need to pedal a lot. 

Although it's tempting to go even faster we generally discourage it. It's been found that this is a preferable speed for everyone's safety when mixing with both pedestrians and traffic.

What if the e-bike battery goes flat?

Well, it’s still a bike, just a bit heavier than usual because of the electrics. So you just have to pedal home. And remember to charge it before your next ride.

Some of our customers who just love long rides will carry an extra battery with them but it really is a very small group of people that enjoy rides this long!

How long do e-bikes need to charge?

All our bikes use Lithium batteries much like your mobile phone. 80% of the recharge happens in the first two hours of charging, so this is usually sufficient for a ride. If you're only going for a wee little ride then you only need a wee charge in the battery and you probably wouldn't even need to charge it at all.

Does an e-bike battery need to be fully charged every time?

Rather than charging to 100% all the time, you really only need to charge it for the amount of use that you need for the ride. The battery manufacturers don't recommend that you leave it on the charger for long periods of time, it is good for the battery to be used. 

Think of the battery like a balloon, if it spends all it's life being filled to 100% capacity, it loses it's strength and integrity if half the air (power) is taken out. However, if you only fill a balloon half way it remains strong and flexible - it can be inflated or deflated without losing it's structural integrity. 

Storing your e-bike battery

Your battery shouldn't be left empty or very low for long periods of time. If you are going to put it away in the shed for several months just remember to give the battery a little boost now and then. If you are going to be away then talk to us about the best course of action.

E-bike battery safety

Please remember not to charge the battery if you think it is damaged as it may pose a fire risk. Bring it back to us and we will check it for you (in a fire-proof container!)

Any large battery has a small fire risk when recharging so it's good practice to ensure there is a smoke alarm nearby your usual charging spot, just in case.

We only stock e-bikes with reputable name batteries which unfortunately does add to the cost, but significantly increases the safety and reliability factor for you.

What about e-bike conversion kits?

It's possible to add an e-bike conversion kit to a normal bike but we don't recommend it, mainly because it puts stress and strain on a bike that wasn't designed to take it and we have seen broken forks and all sorts of other frame and wheel disasters because of conversions. 

If you have a decent normal bike you may be able to use it as a trade in on a new e-bike. Bring it in to talk to us about this option. 

E-bike Info Sessions

There is heaps to learn about e-bikes so if you would like to learn more, please come to one of our E-Bike Info Sessions.