Havelock North Bike Workshop Services

Get your bike fixed in Havelock North, No Booking Required

At our Havelock North bike shop our bicycle workshop is open every day. Because we understand you need pro bike mechanics who are here for you 7 days a week.

Simple repairs and urgent work is done on the day. Often we can do it while you wait. Most of our locals grab a takeaway coffee and by the time they've finished, so have we.

Take a look at our Bike Workshop Services here - you can pre-purchase a service or gift one to a friend.

We stock a full range of the best brand name bike parts and accessories. We know some of our riders are very brand loyal so we stock a wide range of international brands to meet all tastes. Shimano, SRAM, Schwalbe, Maxxis, IceToolz, Leatt, Lezyne, SixSixOne, Garmin, to name just a few.

We also look to smaller suppliers for more unique products which they either make themselves or import in limited qualities.

But wait; that's not all. The boss doesn't like to throw things away, so we have drawers full of second hand bike parts. So if we can save you some money, we'll offer to. And if your precious but antique bike went out of production 20 plus years ago, we'll scrounge around for the rare bike parts that otherwise would be impossible to source. 

Drop your bike in anytime 

Bicycle jargon can sound like a foreign language, right? We have a range of service options that we'll talk through with you in plain English. While all lubes and labour is included in service packages, replacement parts are not, unless stated. 

6 week check for our new bikes - FREE

Trust us, bring it in, it'll be worth your while. Let's keep your beautiful bike riding like new for the whole year


Pre-purchase a Bronze Bike Service - $65

Pre-purchase a Silver Bike Service - $120

Pre-purchase a Gold Bike Service - $250

Revolution Bikes Bike WoF Service Menu


    Puncture repair (includes new tube and giving the whole bike a quick once-over) from $30

    Wheel true - from $40

    Bike assembly from box - from $60

    Box bike for shipping - from $50

    Hydraulic brake bleed:

    • Shimano (mineral) - one $40 - both $70
    • Sram (DOT) - one $50 - both $90

    Specialist Mountain Bike Servicing (POA)

    Available on request - come and discuss your requirements with our specialist bike mechanics.

    • Fork Servicing
    • Shock Servicing
    • Seatpost Servicing
    Revolution Bikes MTB Fork Servicing


    Revolution Bikes CJ Suspension Servicing

    Fitting new parts and accessories onto your bike

    Fitting upgraded parts and accessories purchased from us is considered part of our service and will not incur labour charges in most instances. This commonly includes:

    • A more comfortable saddle
    • Raising the handlebar height with a riser stem for a more comfortable riding position
    • Fitting front baskets, rear carriers and panniers
    • Fitting cleats on riding shoes to increase your power transfer
    • Fitting and calibrating cycle trip computers

    We are happy to fit parts and accessories purchased from elsewhere - this will be charged at the mechanic's discretion.