Pivot Cycles

Experience Pivot Cycles: Trail Mastery, Carbon Frame Excellence

Welcome to the pinnacle of trail mastery – Pivot Cycles at Revolution Bikes. Immerse yourself in Pivot's legacy of innovation, crafting exceptional carbon frame mountain bikes that redefine performance. With a USA heritage deeply rooted in precision engineering, Pivot Cycles has reshaped the mountain biking landscape worldwide.

Precision Craftsmanship Meets Trail Excellence

Unleash your potential on Pivot's meticulously crafted carbon frame mountain bikes and eMTBs. As pioneers in the art of trail mastery, Pivot's designs blend form and function seamlessly. Feel the thrill as you navigate trails with unmatched precision and confidence, propelled by decades of engineering mastery.

Embrace the Pivot Cycles Legacy

Revolution Bikes proudly presents Pivot's trailblazing creations, meticulously chosen to elevate your experience. Each ride embodies Pivot's commitment to excellence and innovation, resonating with those who seek uncompromising performance. Many of Pivot's models offer full customization, including carbon wheel upgrades, to get your dream rig set up just the way you want it.

Revolution Bikes: Your Portal to Pivot Cycles Excellence – Where Trails and Innovation Converge.