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Welcome to Your Mountain Biking Haven: Elevate Your Trail Experience

Discover a world where trail mastery takes center stage. At Revolution Bikes in Havelock North, we invite you to embark on an exhilarating journey that's fueled by passion and precision. Whether you're an enduro enthusiast, all-mountain adventurer, downhill daredevil, or an XC trailblazer, our meticulously hand-picked, internationally-rated mountain bikes are designed to amplify every twist and turn of your ride.

Our range of hardtail and full suspension mountain bikes is a testament to our commitment to quality and performance. Each bike, a masterpiece, handpicked from renowned brands and meticulously tested by our own dedicated riders.

From the heart-pounding rush of downhill runs to conquering trails with our full suspension mountain bikes, every pedal stroke is an opportunity to push the boundaries of what's possible. Our Carbon Fibre mountain bikes redefine lightweight strength, and our premium dual suspension MTBs offer unrivaled versatility.

Not just a bike shop, we're a community. Connect with us on our Pinkbike page and read their feature exploring the trail tools we make in-house. Our expertise extends beyond the bikes themselves – we're your partners in designing and conquering trails and elevating your riding prowess.

Join the ranks of trail titans who have found their new home at Revolution Bikes. Whether you're seeking to unleash the potential of our top-rated mountain bikes, explore the revolutionary Pivot Switchblade, or embrace the ultimate luxury of carbon MTBs, you've arrived at the destination where every trail begins – and ends – in triumph. Upgrade your rides with precision-engineered mountain bikes that match your ambition and ignite your passion. It's time to embark on your trail odyssey, where every descent, climb, and adventure is a chapter in your story.

Revolution Bikes: Where Precision Meets Passion, Your Home of Elevated MTB Excellence.

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