e-Mountain Bikes

Flatten the hills on your e-MTB and enjoy the rush. Electric mountain bikes are the natural progression for riders who want more out of their day, allowing you to climb the hills with ease and fit more runs into your ride time.

Modern eMTBs are specifically designed for performance - on agile frames that neatly balance the integrated motor and battery, offering superior stability compared to a traditional analogue MTB. Even with the motor off, the handling of these mountain bikes is so good you'll barely notice you're riding an ebike. What you will notice is the superior componentry which our manufacturers are now making specific for the requirements of serious electric mountain bike riders - bigger and better braking systems, higher spec componentry in the drivetrain including extra strong chains, more travel in the shock and fork suspension systems for a stable smooth riding experience. 

Electric Mountain Bikes have a tail wind behind them like no other and in a few short years we've seen them being enthusiastically adopted by all rider age groups and experience levels. What we know to be true - once you try one, you'll never look back.