e-Mountain Bikes

Experience the Ultimate Ride: Elevate Your Journeys with Electric Mountain Bikes

Discover the exhilaration of effortlessly conquering hills on your e-MTB, embracing the surge of power and thrill. Electric mountain bikes redefine what's possible for experienced riders seeking to elevate their adventures to new heights, granting you the freedom to ascend with ease, extending your ride time and fitting in more runs down the hill after work.

Crafted for the peak of performance, modern eMTBs are a symphony of innovation and design. Agile frames elegantly harmonize with integrated motors and batteries, enhancing stability beyond traditional MTBs. Their handling prowess is so seamless that the transition to an ebike becomes almost imperceptible – the focus shifts to the superior componentry that caters to the needs of dedicated electric mountain bike enthusiasts.

Venture even further with enhanced braking systems, top-tier drivetrain components, and expertly tuned suspension systems, ensuring a smooth, stable ride that defies terrain. These premium features, curated with precision by our selected manufacturers, create an unparalleled eMTB experience.

Electric Mountain Bikes are a wind of change, embraced across rider age groups and skill levels. Once you embrace the power, there's no turning back. Revolution Bikes, nestled in Havelock North, invites you to embark on a journey of transformation. Our premium selection of e-Mountain Bikes, including extraordinary carbon electric mountain bikes, is your gateway to unlocking a new era of mountain biking excellence.

Elevate your electric mountain biking game and join the league of those who have embraced the future. Conquer trails, flatten hills, and extend your ride time – all while reveling in the prowess of an electric mountain bike. Revolutionize your rides and explore a world where added power meets enduring passion. It's not just a ride; it's a revelation.