CST 700C Bicycle Tube

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Quality Cycle Tubes

We rate the standard CST cycle tubes for most of our riders. CST bike tubes are good quality tubes made from Du Pont materials. They're ideal for most mountain bikers and trail riders and are available in a variety of sizes.

We recommend all riders carry a spare tube on your rides, as well as a method to inflate it.

How to determine which size tube you need?

Check and compare the relevant numbers on your existing tyre or tube with the variant sizes, and give us a call at Revolution Bikes if you can't work it out. 

Which tube valve do I need for my bike?

There are two types of bicycle valve, one is fat like a car tyre valve, the other is skinny. 

  • Schrader Valve = Fatter Car Type Valve
  • Presta Valve = Skinny Valve. Also known as French or High Pressure Valve.