Fenwicks All Condition Chain Lube 100ml

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Biodegradable Bike Chain Lube

Our readily biodegradable chain lube is designed for everyday use. We wanted something that would perform in mixed weather conditions yet be easy to clean off when needed. Total integration with Fenwicks Foaming Chain Cleaner and Fenwicks Chain Cleaning Sponge has led to the most effective method of chain maintenance.

Fenwicks All Conditions Chain Lube will give great performance no matter what the weather. It’s designed not to pick up dust in dry conditions or dirt in wet conditions making it a great for everyday use. With the added benefit of being readily biodegradable Fenwicks All Conditions Chain Lube its great to have in your tool box.

We have also switched to Prevented Ocean Plastic plastic where the plastic is ethically collected from beaches around the world and returned to be recycled into our bottles.  This is an environmentally sustainable solution for reusing single-use and discarded plastics.

What did Cyclingweekly have to say

Cycling Weekly Verdict

An excellent option - finding criticisms was tough. This lube works well in the wet and dry, and it attracts less dirt than most. We got 100s of miles between applications, even turning the hose on the bike to try to breach the lube before a ride. Whilst it never failed, a thicker lube could be more effective in truly horrendous weather.


Step 1 :  Shake well. For best results apply to a clean chain.
Step 2 :  Twist top cap to regulate flow.
Step 3 :  Apply a drop of lube to each roller.
Step 4 :  Rotate chain for 20 seconds.
Step 5 :  If required, wipe off excess with clean cloth.


Q. -  When do I need to reapply my chain lube?
A. -  Always clean your chain before you apply chain lube.  You shouldn't apply chain lube when your chain is filthy or when it makes a noise like a whining cat.

Q. -  What is post consumer resin or post consumer plastic?
A. -  Post consumer plastic, is plastic that has been used by a customer and then recycled, it is an environmentally sustainable solution for reusing single-use and discarded materials saved from landfill, rivers or retrieved from the ocean. The plastic has then been processed back into reusable plastic, hence the colour of the bottle.  The bottle colour may change due to the content of different coloured plastics recycled, this doesn't effect the quality of the product inside the bottle ;-)