Sinter Avid/SRAM Disc Pads [Elixir/Trail/G2/Guide]

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We design organic brake pads for any situation, any environment, any expectation – for racing, semi-pro, and rental applications. For road, off-road, or e-bike installation!

Our brake pads are optimized for high performance, low-wear, durability, and confident braking throughout all conditions. They are subject to the strictest environmental regulations.


Elixir 7 Trail, Elixir 9 Trail, XO Trail
G2 RSC, G2 Ultimate, Guide R, Guide RS, Guide RSC, Guide T, Guide Ultimate

Compound Options:


Formulation S514 is our standard line of brake pads; offering high performance and value for all kinds of riding.

Designed for all types of bicycles with disc brakes [City, Touring, Rentals]
Organic Compound


The black series Sinter 550 performance bicycle brake pads are designed for the no-compromise racers, off-road or on-road – while still maintaining long-lasting life! With the fine-tuned, slightly lowered friction coefficient they provide the best braking control, long pad life, and steady performance at all temperature ranges.

They ensure excellent control and confidence on slippery and muddy terrain, or at high speeds on the road, in dry or wet conditions.

The brake pads are fabricated from the S-550 semi-metallic compound, and they perform best with standard OEM non-floating or floating brake rotors.

Designed and manufactured in Europe!

  • Performance
  • Long-lasting life
  • Best braking control in all temperature ranges
  • Mud and rain friendly

RACE - S2032

The green series Sinter 2032 race bicycle brake pads are designed with one thing in mind – extreme braking performance in diverse temperature conditions.

The 2032 braking compound is a state-of-the-art material, used by Sinter Brakes racing team in the UCI Mountain bike Downhill World Championship. They enable racers to brake aggressively, while maintaining the ultimate power of control in all situation – regardless of the riding surface.

Deploy them in dry weather, on- or off-road, whenever the braking system overheating might be an issue.

Designed and manufactured in Europe!

  • Racing
  • Extreme braking performance in diverse temperature conditions
  • Aggressive bite, soft compound
  • Silent

Endurance – S530

The new material is distinctively electric blue in color, and it is adapted to provide constant braking power, high modulation, and comfort on the brake lever, as well as slow wear across all temperature conditions.

That is what makes it especially suitable for e-bikes and other heavy bicycles.

  • Extra long pad life
  • Stable braking power in all conditions
  • Fade resistant
  • More comfort on the brake lever

Bedding In Your New Sinter Pads, Please Read

It is essential that you bed in (or run in) your new brake pads for optimum performance.

  1. Remove the old brake pads.
  2. Clean the brake rotors before brake pad installation.
  3. Install the new brake pads (follow instructions!)
  4. Warning: Find a safe and controlled environment for the next steps!
  5. Brake lightly 20 times consecutively.
  6. Brake moderately 10 times consecutively.
  7. Brake hard 5 times consecutively.
  8. Cool down the brake pads and rotors.

Your brake pads are now ready!