Discover the Gravel Bike Revolution

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Discover the Gravel Bike Revolution

It's impossible to ignore the surge in popularity of gravel bikes in recent times. Top bike shops are witnessing a noticeable shift from road bikes to gravel bikes, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Here's the secret: modern road bikes, while impressively lighter and more aerodynamic, have lost some practicality. Gone are the days when you could comfortably ride them on less-than-perfect roads and gravel tracks. They give you a jolt of terror every time you hit a pothole, right? That's where gravel bikes step in.

Embrace the 'Gravel Culture'

Ian Boswell, a seasoned road racer who retired in 2019, beautifully encapsulated the allure of gravel cycling: "There is a new culture in gravel cycling and I want to participate in it." And participate he did!

Yes, road riding and racing have their own charm, but gravel cycling is a whole different ball game. It's about getting lost, discovering new dirt roads, and forgetting about average speed and wattage. The thrill of gravel riding isn't about speed, it's about the journey.

We weren't huge fans of gravel riding until we tried it ourselves. Now, it has transformed our standard rides into fun, adventurous excursions. Gravel bikes are impressively competent on the road and allow you to build unique rides that include dirt roads, fire trails, and mountain bike single tracks.

Gravel Bikes - A New Breed of Versatile Bikes

Let's address the elephant in the room - yes, technically, all bikes can be gravel bikes if you ride them on gravel. However, a gravel-specific bike has a less aggressive geometry and provides room for larger tyres, offering more stability and control.

Many riders are now choosing their gravel bikes for training and social rides, even on regular roads. Their forgiving nature, thanks to 32-50mm tyres, makes them ideal for bumpy or potholed roads. So, you can ride without the fear of injuring yourself on unfriendly terrains.

The Gravel Kit - A Blend of Road and Mountain Biking

Given that gravel bikes are a bridge between road riding and mountain biking, the gear used for gravel riding borrows elements from both disciplines. Although your road or mountain bike kit might work for a gravel ride, gravel-specific clothing is designed to perform better.

Gravel riders enjoy the freedom to mix and match from both sides to curate the perfect outfit for their gravel adventures. We've fully embraced the gravel riding kit and regularly sport gravel shirts on our weekend social rides.

Conclusion: Bikes are Bikes

In the end, whether it's gravel, road, or mountain biking - as long as you're smiling and pedaling, bikes are the best! We love all bikes and offer options for everyone. So why not jump on the gravel bike bandwagon and experience a new kind of biking adventure?

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