Flood Affected Bike?

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Flood Affected Bike?

It's a bit tough out there at the moment. Our thoughts are with those of you affected by Cyclone Gabrielle. The crew have been out helping in the community trying to give a little bit of assistance to those who have had to dig their lives out from under layers of silt and slash. Wow, what a terrible summer 22/23 has been.

We are here for everyone. Bike repairs, replacement, quotes or a just a friendly face and some good ol' banter.

Has your bike been in the flood waters?

While bikes are designed to get wet it is not designed to be submerged for a period of time in water. It will not just dry out and be good to go again. Ebikes should not be plugged in to charge or ridden till inspected by a bike mechanic. You run the risk of electrocution, fire or damage if you do try to charge or ride them. Same goes for an analogue (Normal) bike.

What you don't see is the damage that has been done inside the frame. You have water everywhere and that means your bottom bracket, headset bearings, hubs and frame are going to be effected by the submersion.

Your bike needs to be stripped down and rebuilt to ensure that every drop of water is removed from your bike.

The inside of your bike will begin to deteriorate quickly. Water left inside your bike will continue to rust your bike from the inside out. By taking care of the water now you will save yourself a big bill in the future.

Our advice is bring it in here and we will have a look over it for you. If you are unable to get the bike into us, contact the store on 06 8778477 and we will organise it to be picked up on your behalf.


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