Garage Chats with Shop Mum - Are Your Jockeys Clean?

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Garage Chats with Shop Mum - Are Your Jockeys Clean?

Hello everyone and welcome to Garage Chats. Some of you may know me as the shy and quiet older lady in the Sales and Admin Department (S.A.D).

In this time of lockdown I thought it would be nice to keep in touch with my lovely customers – I hope you are all well and missing me as much as I am missing you.

Today I would like to discuss the state of your jockey wheels. I imagine they are grimy. Mine were. Why not give them a good going over today!

This is where they are positioned on your bike:

 Jockey wheels

If you are not confident in taking the rear wheel out of your bike don’t worry, you can still clean them with the wheel in – they turn! If you don’t have any proper bike cleaning product because, like me, you forgot to stock up before the lockdown just hack away at the big bits of grime with a good old screwdriver or some such then wipe off the rest with some hoarded toilet paper.

Until next time – keep your distance
Shop Mum

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