Garage Chats with Shop Mum: 'What is Hilton thinking?'

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Garage Chats with Shop Mum: 'What is Hilton thinking?'

Hello everyone and welcome to Garage Chats. Some of you may know me as the inquisitive older lady in the Sales and Admin Department (S.A.D).

In this special edition we are pleased to welcome our dear leader for an in-depth interview. Conducted via telephone.

Shop Mum: Good day Hilton and thank you so much for taking part.

Hilton Taylor: Who is this?

SM: Let’s start with some easy questions before moving on to see what lies beneath, if anything. How would you describe what you do at Revolution Bikes?

HT: I’m there 7 days a week so do everything.

SM: Fair play. If there was a line drawn between collecting and hoarding which side would you be standing on?

HT: I do have a lot of stuff but that means I can help people with outside of the ordinary problems. If they need an obscure part there is a good chance I will have it in a box somewhere. Please stop throwing my stuff out.

SM: Sure thing. What are your favourite bike genres?

HT: Mountain, ebike, cargo, recumbent, mountain- ebike, cargo-recumbent, the list goes on.

SM: I was thinking you were going to say tandem.

SM: Do you consider yourself a skilled mountain biker?

HT: Yes, I’ve been mountain biking for years.

SM: Out of all the injuries you have had while mountain biking, which would you say hurt the most?

HT: The next one.

SM: What’s the best thing about the bike industry?

HT: How it keeps changing. Every week there is something new; some new development. The way e-bikes have changed everything has been really interesting.

SM: Are you a fan of e-bikes then?

HT: Absolutely. I’ve always tinkered with motors and think it’s great what e-bikes can do for different sorts of people. You still get a good workout with an e-bike and they enable you to do what you’ve always done, especially when you are time poor or getting a bit older or just want to go faster.

SM: The consensus with your staff is that you are a great boss to work for. How would you describe your management style?

HT: Well obviously I come across as understanding and supportive. I like people to feel they have ownership over what they do and are able to take responsibility for themselves. If I had a fault it would probably be that I’m too caring.

SM: ... Thank you for your time. Ringing off.

Well there you have it everybody, a little poke around in the thoughts of the face of Revolution Bikes. Illuminating.

Until next time – keep your distance
Shop Mum

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