Garage Chats with Shop Mum. 'Where to from here? 5 Donnelly Street, that's where'

Garage Chats -

Garage Chats with Shop Mum. 'Where to from here? 5 Donnelly Street, that's where'

Hello everyone and welcome to the final episode Garage Chats. Some of you may know me as the retiring older lady in the Sales and Admin Department (S.A.D).

Well here I am dressed appropriately for work in Level 3. I am hoping my builder forgot that he left his chainsaw helmet at my house. The ear muffs are amazing on that thing. I cannot hear anything at all so needless to say they are a must for when Hilton is barking.

Actually that is not accurate – when he is really mad he goes quiet and bottles it up in the age old ‘man not express feelings system’. Which is always good for a staff giggle. Good times, good times.

Well I am ready to get back into whatever it was that I used to do. Billie-Sue has been keeping us all up to date with the many new procedures for Revolution Bikes that will keep customers and staff safe from each other. So you can all feel confident that you will be able to shop safely with us once again.

We have also had a number of secret phone meetings where she has motivated me with ideas for new reports and spreadsheets I can create. I am not joking when I say I am excited about getting stuck into that. I love budgeting!

I hope to wave to you soon from inside the shop. I’m sorry but most likely I will not be allowed to come to the door as apparently I ‘talk too much’, so we will have to put off our work related catch up conversations for a little while longer.

Signing off
Shop Mum

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