What is WORKride?

What is WORKride?

Workride is New Zealand’s free ride-to-work benefit scheme designed to get more people riding and living healthier lives.

Revolution Bikes is a supplier to the nationwide scheme, which offers 32% - 63% offset from any bike, ebike, scooter or electric scooter. 

The scheme pays for the bike from your PRE-TAX income, and payments are spread over 12 months.

There is no upper cap on the price of the bike set by WORKride however your employer may set a limit.


What's The Catch?

The biggest thing you need to know is that the scheme is accessed through your employer, so they need to be on board and signed up. It's not difficult to signup but it's something that requires action. 


Where does the discount come in?

Because the Workride Benefit Scheme operates using a 'salary sacrifice' system. When an employee opts to forgo a part of their salary for a Workride-approved benefit, this deduction is made from their pre-tax income. As a result, the employee ends up paying less in PAYE, Kiwisaver, and ACC levy, which in turn leads to a reduced Kiwisaver and ACC levy bill for the employer.


Find out more and check your offset amount on the WORKride website, or talk to us in-store to find out more. 

WorkRide - NZ's free ride-to-work benefit scheme = 32-63% offset!


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