Who's getting upset about e-bikes?

Who's getting upset about e-bikes?

Insider news! Electric bikes are taking over New Zealand’s cycle trails. There have been upsets. A husband purchases an e-bike for his wife so she can keep up with him.

Abruptly he discovers that now he can’t keep up with her! She’s off! And no, she won’t stop riding the damn thing so what’s he going to do?

Getting left behind is no fun

It’s always interesting to uncover a person’s reason for buying an electric bike:

  • Some folks need a boost to keep up with (or overtake) their partner on weekend rides.
  • Catching up with your teenage kids on family mountain biking trips is much easier with a 300W motor to help.
  • Biking downhill to the village is fine... until you want to ride back up the hill to get home.
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to arrive at work by bicycle but not feel hot or sweaty?

Electric bikes make all these things possible. So it’s not hard to understand the rapid rise in the electrically powered ride. It’s still what we’ve always been about at Revolution Bikes; serious fun on bikes.

How do you choose an electric bike? True there is much to learn. That’s why we’ve started hosting regular e-bike info sessions in our bike shop to educate and inform people. 

At each session we have a guest speaker who gives their perspective on riding electric bikes in Hawke’s Bay. Then Hilton gives you an overview on choosing the right bike to start with and the features that make for a smooth and comfortable ride. You’ll find out:

  • why we recommend mid drive
  • what to look out for when buying an entry level e-bike
  • the best kind of bike rack for transporting your e-bike
  • How long to charge the battery for optimal performance, and much more.

 And then follows demo time!

For the next Electric Bike Info Session click here

To join a friendly group of Hawke's Bay e-bike riders that will keep up with you visit their facebook page e bike social riders

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